Hammock Coast Edition March/April 2022

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen When did you decide to go into the business you are in? You could say that it’s every girl’s dream to start a boutique, and after being presented the opportunity to buy a wedding boutique on the most charming street in all of the United States — well, my excitement took over and the rest is history. Opening Magnolia Bride was the leap of faith I took to find true career fulfillment. How do you find your passion? My job is all about connection. Once that connection is established between a bride and me, you just can’t help but feel their excitement and butterflies. From there, it comes easily. Making the bride feel great and recognize her own beauty in the perfect dress makes each day a treat. What or who inspires you? Hands down, the women in my life. Without them, I don’t think I would have the inspiration or support that surrounds both my business and me. It’s amazing to think that the longer you’re in the working world, the more you realize the influence fellow women play in your business and in the businesses around you. They truly are the ones who move the needle for so many, and they do it in a way that exudes grace and integrity. Tell us about how you grew up and who shaped you into the woman you are today. Growing up, I always had a big imagination, and even as an adult, I don’t think I’ve lost that whimsy that can sometimes disappear as we get older. The people who shaped me into the woman I am today are the same people who helped me keep that sparkle intact – my parents, my husband, my children and, of course, my ever-faithful girlfriends. Give us some success tips for someone just starting out in your line of work. Know that everything doesn’t have to all fall on your shoulders. You can outsource to experts who will be in the trenches right along with you to help achieve your goal — and who will also be there to celebrate with you once you achieve it. Lawton Ginn Yon Magnolia Bride of Charleston 843-754-1855 magnoliabridechs.com The timeless bride. Inspired by classic lines, iconic silhouettes & lasting statements. The romantic bride. Inspired by Spring, whimsy, charm, romance & a touch of magic The enchanting bride. Inspired by the grandeur, splendor & elegance of love stories past.