Hammock Coast Edition March/April 2022

36 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com over and start colonizing the site.” Because it was loaded on a barge that was sunk, the water tower is part of what Martore called a “complex substrate” that will create a diverse habitat and attract a wide variety of marine life. The open spaces of the container boxes will create cave-like environments that will draw larger species such as snapper and grouper, while other reef structures such as the water tower will supply cover for smaller fish, like black sea bass, to evade predators. “It provides habitat for a lot of different species,” remarked Martore. SCDNR began its artificial reef program, which conducts research on and builds artificial reefs, in 1973. “It’s been growing ever since,” Martore noted. South Carolina has even designated reefs as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and is the only state to protect artificial reefs with the MPA status, which establishes conservation zones that prohibit fishing and aims to restore aquatic habitat. Cultivating artificial reefs is important because our state has so few natural reef areas offshore and they are “very easily overfished,” added Martore. Building artificial reefs “creates more habitat for more fish.” He offered the analogy of a housing development. If you have a large tract of land in a town with no residential dwellings, no one can live there, but once you construct homes, people move in and populate it. The same concept applies in the ocean. “Once you put the reef structures in, the fish move in and it becomes a thriving habitat,” he said. “It helps repopulate overfished species.” The Edisto 60’ reef project has already drawn accolades. In early February, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) recognized MP Waterworks with a National Environmental Achievement Award (NEAA) for its collaborative efforts with other agencies to make the reef a reality. feature Th i s underwater shot of another ves se l SCDNR had prev i ous l y sunk for a d i f ferent ree f pro j ec t shows what the Ed i s to 60 ’ ar t i f i c i a l ree f wi l l l ook l i ke over t ime. (843) 881-8881 | PleasantFamilyDentistry.com Live Chat Online 24/7 | Open Saturdays 1204 Two Island Court, Mount Pleasant, SC (Conveniently located off IOP Connector) Pleasant Family D E N T I S T R Y No Insurance, No Problem The Pleasant Family Dentistry Dental Savings Plan is designed by our office to provide affordability and greater access to dental care. This plan is a discount plan, not an insurance plan. “Always a happy, friendly professional staff for my visit. They are the best inMt. Pleasant or anywhere.” -Real Client Review Ask one of our staff about our In-Office Savings Plan today! With our Dental Savings Plan there are: • No yearly maximums • No deductibles • No claim forms • No pre-authorization requirements • No pre-existing condition limitations • Immediate eligibility (no waiting periods) • Complimentary consultations “Great staff and highly recommend their reasonably-priced comprehensive plan/yr. They do great work in a comfortable atmosphere withmodern amenities. Aside fromcleaning, I’ve had a crown done as well and the care and attention was second to none and pricingwas par for the course.” -Real Client Review