Hammock Coast Edition March/April 2022

79 2022 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM OM www. Bes tOfMP. com | www. Bes tOfMP. Vi deo | www. Bes tOfMPpodcas t . com How did your business get started? I have always dreamed of owning my own clinic. I worked in a corporate veterinary hospital for the first part of my career, and that was the absolute driving factor to start Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic. I wanted to treat patients collaboratively with their owners by tailoring their treatment plans instead of following corporate guidelines. What is your most popular service? Our most popular services are things relating to preventive medicine. We do a lot of routine veterinary care such as annual assessments, spays, neuters and dentals. Routine preventive medicine is a key part to any pet’s health. What is the most rewarding part of your business? I find the bond that I witness between our clients and their beloved pets so satisfying and rewarding. I have personally experienced the incredible relationship and companionship that animals can add to your life. Being able to treat and care for clients’ pets is very fulfilling. What is it like working with the Mount Pleasant community? I have found the community surrounding Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic to be a wonderful and caring group of people. Every year at Christmas, we have a giving tree to sponsor a local shelter — and we always have an outpouring of giving to assist the community shelters. Our community of clients and neighbors are always very generous. To learn more, visit crescentcarevet.com or call 843-277-9043. Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic Nominating Category: Best Veterinarian Dr. Jeffrey Leeman, DVM, Owner BEST RESULTS 2022 FOR mtpleasant.pet/best-of/ VISIT Local, Family-Owned Practice. We would love to be your neighborhood vet! Dr. Jeffrey Leeman, DVM Dr. Rebeca Lawrence, DVM Dr. Cady Patchen, DVM 843.277.9043 • CrescentCareVet.com 3001 Rivertowne Parkway Mount Pleasant, SC First Exam FREE