Hammock Coast Edition March/April 2022

www. Char l es tonWomenPodcas t . com | www. ReadCW. com | www. I ns tagram. com /Char l es tonWomen up skating or particularly athletic. Many haven’t skated for years before becoming “fresh meat,” the term given to new members. “That’s what makes roller derby such a great sport,” asserted Doutaz. “Women just have to be at least 18 years old and able to put on skates to join our team.” The Lowcountry Highrollers train all recruits to skate, block opponents from passing, check opponents to make way for their team and even how to safely fall and get back up when taking a hit. Slowly but surely, they watch as “freshies” grow in confidence, strength and ferocity. Many of the members of the Lowcountry Highrollers are moms who found their way to roller derby when looking for a break from the demands of work and motherhood. “After years of focusing only on my family and career, I was looking for an outlet,” admitted Katherine Bergmann, a 40-year-old senior communications manager who goes by Kat Katalyst, or #22, on the track. “I was never really into the traditional workout and found out about roller derby by chance meeting at a friend’s birthday party. I showed up for practice and was hooked! Initially, I had some mom guilt, but it didn’t take long to realize that taking a few days a week to focus on filling my cup was good for the whole family. What started as a fun way to stay in shape and meet new people quickly evolved into a passion for skating and a love of healthy competition,” she said. Women of all ages, backgrounds and professions are feature Photo prov i ded. Photo prov i ded.