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130 www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com | www. ReadMPM. com | www. I LoveMountPl easant . com W hen Bill and Joanne Lehman purchased their new home in Wild Dunes, they were excited about the gorgeous beach views that came along with the extra space for their growing grandchildren. However, shortly after Lehmans bought the home on Ocean Point Drive, they realized that the bones needed serious repairs. During an inspection, they discovered extensive water damage which led to an infestation of every BY AL L I SON SHERMAN NewBones, OldStyle A Luxury Home Renovation In Wild Dunes The home i n Wi l d Dunes i s get t i ng a f ace l i f t ; eventua l l y, i t wi l l have a l l -new s tucco and wi ndows . Photos prov i ded by Nat e Leach . 6 Lowcount r y C nt rac tor s | 1204 Pa lm B l vd Su i te E | I s l e of Pa lms , SC 29451 | O: ( 843 ) 242-8838 | Lowcount r yCont rac tor s . com