Mount Pleasant Magazine A deeply rooted community partner Mount Pleasant Magazine began publishing 40 years ago, and as a result, our community roots have grown strong and deep — like the mighty oak tree, whose deep roots allow it to grow despite Mother Nature’s fierce storms and changing seasons. Strong roots of the oak tree allow their limbs to expand beyond their massive trunk — similar to the expansion of our publication. Mount Pleasant Magazine’s deep community roots go beyond any one street or neighborhood. Even when the magazine roots were still young, they helped us weather storms like when Hurricane Hugo slammed into the Carolina Coast in 1989. Back then, our community knew us as East Cooper Magazine. As the town around us was rebuilding from the storm, we rose to the occasion and continued to publish and grow East Cooper Magazine, which we later renamed Mount Pleasant Magazine. More recently, in 2020 during COVID, our mission was to bring some certainty during a time when there seemed to be so little. Our deep community roots again were tested and grew much deeper and stronger. Our love for the community gave us the strength we needed to provide Mount Pleasant Magazine, and we did not miss a single issue during those trying times. Mount Pleasant Magazine is a brand whose deep community roots have 40 years of digital and print growth. We are recognized throughout the community as a trusted source and positive voice for Mount Pleasant. We’ve helped thousands of local businesses grow through the glossy and online pages of the magazine and we’d love to do the same for yours For us, it’s about helping the town we love to grow and prosper. Our mission is to offer local businesses affordable ways to target their customers by leveraging the brand of Mount Pleasant Magazine, whose deep roots are as mighty as an oak tree and continue to thrive 40 years later.