Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

101 2022 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM www. Bes tOfMP. com | www. Bes tOfMP. Vi deo | www. Bes tOfMPpodcas t . com BEST PODIATRIST The pain of plantar fasciitis can be debilitating, and don’t even get us started on bunions. Thank goodness we have Dr. Andrew Saffer of Carolina Foot and Ankle Specialists. Voted best podiatrist, he’ll get us back on our feet. Other Nominees: Dr. Rahn Ravenell / Dr. John Marino at Roper St. Francis Hospital BEST PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR They are “jacks of all trades” and “masters of all” when it comes to medicine. Primary care doctors are our first go-to, and when it comes to who our readers go to, Dr. John Knepper forged ahead. Other Nominees: Dr. Lee Allison / Dr. Mark McLaughlin at Roper St. Francis Hospital BEST PRIMARY CARE PRACTICE Sometimes having a doctor that keeps it “all in the family” is best. With Sewee FamilyMedicine, named best primary care practice, you can bring your infant, your elderly grandmother and everyone in between to the same place for quality medical care. Other Nominees: Palmetto Primary Care Physicians / East Cooper Family Practice BEST RETIREMENT COMMUNITY Beautiful scenery, impeccable amenities, encouraging staff and a safe environment should be standard characteristics of the place to spend your golden years. Franke at Seaside offers all that and more. No wonder they were named the Best Retirement Community. Other Nominees: Daniel Pointe Retirement Community / Somerby of Mount Pleasant BEST (FAVORITE) SCHOOL NURSE What makes a great nurse for kids? Compassion and understanding, of which Ashli Rushing at Palmetto Christian Academy has no shortage. With over a decade of experience at MUSC here in Charleston, parents and students alike cherish Nurse Rushing. Other Nominees: Gregg Davis at Moultrie Middle School / Chanda Woodard at Laurel Hill Primary School/ Kathy Nash at Belle Hall Elementary School BEST SENIOR ADVOCATE Becky Tapia-Cooper is a senior victim advocate at the Mount Pleasant Police Department; whether it’s providing resources during a storm or just calling to check in, Tapia-Cooper is a supportive pillar of the community’s aging population. Other Nominees: Cindy Williams at Simply Seniors BEST URGENT CARE Sometimes you can’t wait for an appointment — you need basic medical care immediately. That’s where MEDcare Urgent Care comes in. They offer extended hours, fast service and affordability on a variety of ailments. Other Nominees: Doctors Care / Sea Island Medical Care BEST UROLOGIST Dr. Kelly Shaffer is always working alongside her coworkers to ensure her patients get the best care possible. She earned her medical degree fromThe Medical College of Virginia, and has extensive training in female urology and reconstructive surgery. Other Nominees: Dr. Dennis Kubinski / Dr. David Brandli / Dr. Stanley Hall BESTWEIGHT LOSS COMPANY (LOCAL) Have you gained the “COVID... 19?” A challenging year is frequently the cause of weight gain. Lowcountry Beauty andWellness Spa can help you reset your metabolism and get you back to meeting your weight loss goals. Other Nominees: Metabolic Medical Center / RadFit.