Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

145 www. Bes tOfMP. com | www. Bes tOfMP. Vi deo | www. Bes tOfMPpodcas t . com 2022 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM care companies. For me, marketing is a way to walk along with a team or business, lifting them up to reach their goals. It allows me to do what I love and honor God in doing it. After much thought and prayer, I decided to open Uplift Marketing Group. We have been blessed over the last year to partner with some of the best medical, nonprofit and faith-based businesses in our community. What are some challenges that you’ve overcome? Marketing is an ever-changing industry, and our team at Uplift Marketing Group has to adapt to the shifting environment quickly. What works this month or even this week might not work tomorrow. Every client’s needs are different, and we must find the right fit to lift up each client successfully. It is what makes our job challenging and exciting at the same time. We have to continually stay up to date with all the trends in the digital world and be able to find new and creative ways to reach target audiences. What is it like working with the Mount Pleasant community? I love working in the Mount Pleasant community because everyone is so lovely and supportive of Uplift Marketing Group and our clients in the Mount Pleasant market. How did your business get started? I have been in the marketing field for over 20 years working with small businesses, nonprofits and health To learn more, visit, or call 980-521-9130. Uplift Marketing Group Nominating Category: Best Marketing Firm Rebekah Lockhart, Owner WWW . U P L I F TMA R K E T I N G G R O U P . C OM Uplift Marketing Group C R E A T I V E S O L U T I O N S F O R Y O U R M A R K E T I N G N E E D S .