Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

165 www. VOICE forRea l Es tate. com | www. TopTenHomesSo l d. com | www.MountPl easantAgent s . com top ten baths on its main areas and 2 additional each and is on the “Very knowledgeable, responsive and honest. We have bought and sold over 20 homes and never experienced the quality of service that Andrea provided” “Andrea has helped me both in buying and selling properties. I have never had better representation in a real estate transaction than Andrea. I highly recommend her for any real estate transaction.” “...extremely helpful in making recommendations to get our house market-ready. With her suggestions for home improvements, our house sold in a week at the high end of market value.” 843.532.3010 - CALL ANDREA ROGERS Knowing Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s IslandAs Only an Island Native Could LISTING AGENT SELLING AGENT SELLING PRICE PER SELLING PRICE LISTING COMPANY SELLING COMPANY DATE SQUARE FOOT LISTING PRICE 1. James Miles Joanne Grimshaw 10/4/2021 1,149.94 7,930,000 Sand Dollar AgentOwned Preferred 7,950,000 2. Gary Langhoff Sibita Proctor 5/25/2021 1,157.89 7,699,999 The Boulevard Coldwell Banker 7,699,999 3. James Miles Donna Webb 6/1/2021 1,191.80 7,270,000 Sand Dollar The Boulevard 7,270,000 4. Donna Webb & Heather Hamilton Non MLS 6/28/21 1,084.68 6,725,000 The Boulevard Non MLS 6,995,000 5. John Staudt Patrick Floyd 1/26/2021 1,019.99 6,300,000 Dunes Properties Jeff Cook 6,500,000 6. Ashley Haynes Stacy Smith 11/30/21 1,266.49 5,375,000 East Islands Smith Spencer 5,495,000 7. Steve Hood & Darla Hood Katherine Cox 5/28/21 742.95 5,350,000 East Island Rentals Coldwell Banker 5,595,000 8. Heather Hamilton & Donna Webb Heather Hamilton 12/1/2021 1,019.61 5,200,000 The Boulevard The Boulevard 5,500,000 9. Jamie Hollingsworth Amy Rogers 5/28/2021 746.38 4,800,000 Beachside IOP Residential 4,550,000 10. Heather Hamilton / Donna Webb Charlie Inglefield 4/29/2021 901.92 4,690,000 The Boulevard The Exchange 4,870,000 * Media Services, Inc. does not take responsibility for any information deemed to be incorrect, including: MLS listed or sold price, listing agent or company, selling agent or company. Please note that agents and companies can and do change. TOP TEN MOST EXPENSIVE HOMES SOLD Isle of Palms JANUARY 1, 2021 – DECEMBER 1, 2021 Brought to you by: