Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

35 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com feature residents had been sold into slavery but many reconnected with their families when the community was established — in some cases, traveling hundreds of miles. Lee’s great-grandmother walked to Scanlonville from Virginia. Collier reflected that it took tremendous courage “going from slavery to self-reliance while retaining Africanbased cultural values just three years after the Civil War. But the Great Migration to the North in the early twentieth century hurt Scanlonville, which thrived on the kinship network.” She said, however, that “you don’t lose that when you move away,” and some have found their way back home. Scanlonville’s streets follow a grid pattern, with avenues running east to west and streets running north to south. A cemetery near the marshes of Molasses Creek was included in the original design. Some of the graves there may date back to when the area was a graveyard for the enslaved people on Remley’s Plantation. With possibly 2,000 graves on the site, burials continue to take place there. Because most of the graves are not marked, surveyors and land developers have at times mistakenly considered the cemetery abandoned. However, according to William Pollitzer, professor emeritus of Anthropology at UNC Chapel Hill, burial practices in the Black community do not mirror those in the white community. In earlier times, graves were often marked simply with a bush, tree or grave ornaments such as shells, pottery and bottles, and countless grave artifacts lie hidden under decades-old layers of pine straw and leaves. The deceased were buried near their ancestors, in no officially designated plots, but Black residents of Scanlonville know exactly where the graves are. “My whole family is buried there,” Albert Nelson told the Chicora Foundation, A h i s tor i ca l mar ker i n Mount Pl easant dec l ar i ng the h i s tor y of the Scan l onv i l l e area . We take passion in combining local ingredients to curate customboxes, grazing boards, corporate gifting and table options for every occasion. Ask about our virtual cheeseboard classes! (901) 238-0297 280 WEST COLEMAN BLVD., MOUNT PLEASANT, SC 843.936.6997 INTERIORMOTIVESMP@GMAIL.COM