Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

86 2022 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM www. Bes tOfMP. com | www. Bes tOfMP. Vi deo | www. Bes tOfMPpodcas t . com What is the most rewarding part of your business? The most rewarding part of our business is customer satisfaction. We’ve had the opportunity to meet all types of wonderful people. Our team works hard every day to make customers feel welcome and at peace. As a result of our hard work, we have received an astounding amount of support and have made lasting bonds with our customers. What are some challenges that you’ve overcome? Opening our salon was far from easy. The pandemic limited our resources and delayed many of our projects. We worked on building the salon for a time span of more than eight months, while it normally would take three or four. But COVID-19 also came with some advantages. Teddy and I had lots of time to think and do research on exactly what we wanted to do with our salon and look into options on how to achieve them. How did your business get started? Teddy and I always had a goal of opening a salon in Mount Pleasant. We moved here from Columbia in 2019. We signed a lease on our building in January 2020, but with the rise of COVID-19, our salon was delayed. After opening in December 2020, we had little to no customers. By May 2021, however, we welcomed more customers into our salon and formed a bond with them. We are beyond grateful for our customers, and we could not have achieved our goal without them. For more information, visit, or call 843-666-8899. Amazing Nails Spa Best Nail Salon Kate Nguyen, Owner THANK YOU FOR VOTING US BEST NAIL SALON! 15% OFF *MENTION THIS AD, OFFER EXPIRES 01/31/22 1200 Queensborough Bvld., Ste D, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 1 843-666-8899 |