Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2023

84 2023 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM www. Bes tOfMP. com | www. Bes tOfMP. Vi deo | www. Bes tOfMPpodcas t . com What is something you do differently? We are distinguished by our long-term client relationships. When we say, “for all of life’s transactions,” we mean it. A typical client may come to our firm to buy or sell their first home, then ask us to get their estate plan in order. Later, they may need help starting a business. If that company grows, merges with another, purchases a competitor or sells to an acquiring company, we work with the client to complete the transaction. Buxton & Collie can serve clients at each point in their personal and professional life cycle. Did you ever almost give up?What stopped you? No. Running a small business is not easy, but we have a good team in place. We’ve grown each year since the firm’s inception, even through Covid, so we feel confident about our future. What is a healthy habit you maintain? As a firm, we gather at least once a month in a large conference room offsite to check in on personal and professional successes and challenges. This practice helps us have healthy work relationships and a happy work environment. What is your most popular service? The focus of our firm is business law— helping individual and corporate clients of all sizes to get started, grow, purchase property and ultimately navigate buy/sell transactions. For more information, visit Buxton & Collie tops several categories including best attorney office Courtney Buxton gives an inside look J im Buxton on lef t and Br ian Col l ie on r ight . 940 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. | Suite 100 | Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 | 843.606.2397 | b u x t o n a n d c o l l i e . c om ® FOR ALL OF LIFE’S TRANSACTIONS. BUSINESS LAW | ESTATE PLANNING | REAL ESTATE HHHBESTHHH ATTORNEYS FOR TRUSTS & ESTATES HHHBESTHHH ATTORNEYS OFFICE HFINALISTH BEST REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY