Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2024

37 | | For more than 12 years, Huggins trained hundreds of teachers and administrators from CCSD’s schools on how to plan for instruction effectively, deliver instruction and develop conducive environments for learners as the executive director of educator effectiveness. In that role, Huggins was instrumental in developing district-wide systems for teacher development, support and recognition. “I know what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and I’m determined to not repeat some of the mistakes that we’ve made in the past and that we’ve learned from in the past,” Huggins said. Over the next three years, Huggins is committed to three priorities: building upon the success of her predecessors, supporting classrooms and teachers and streamlining school-based supports for teachers and students. “Simply put, our focus must be the classroom,” Huggins added. “Student outcomes will improve when we have a highly qualified teacher in every classroom who is adequately supported and when we make our number one priority resourcing schools. It will be my expectation that every leader on our team communicates this same message and works to listen to, respond to and support our great teachers and school-based leaders.” Other main objectives of Huggins are literacy focus, access to gateway courses and equitably funding schools by building a budget that’s in line with student outcomes. Huggins played an instrumental role in CCSD’s initiative Vision 2027 – the goal of all students to read at grade level by fifth grade by spring 2027. “I got into this profession to serve children,” said Huggins, who admitted that she never aspired to become superintendent. Now that she finds herself in this position after paying her dues, she is ready to lead. First and foremost, she’s honored and humbled. Huggins’ mother, who was a teacher and her biggest mentor growing our town New CCSD Superintendent Anita Huggins. FREEZE DRIED CANDY JELLY CAT BUNNIES Your Easter Basket Headquarters AIR TOOBZ MORF FIDGET TOY MOUNT PLEASANT & DOWNTOWN WWW.WONDERWORKSTOYS.COM Charleston’s Favorite Toy Store for Over 30 Years! 2024 ®