Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2024

39 | | An extraordinary life filled with adventure and unique opportunities are just two ways to describe the late William “Bill” Farley, 79, of Mount Pleasant. In honor of his memory, the following is an account of a man who has lived many lives and worn many hats. ACT I Born in New York on July 11, 1944, Farley grew up attending public, private and boarding schools. He earned a degree in English from Cornell University and began working in the newspaper business, writing cutting-edge and breaking news stories in Westchester County, an area in the Hudson Valley just north of NYC. From there, he moved into the radio business and started working as a DJ. These formative experiences helped prepare him for the journey to come. ACT II In 1969, Farley was hired by American Broadcast Company (ABC) for their news radio. This job afforded him many once-ina-lifetime opportunities. Among his many adventures, he was able to attend the democratic and republican conventions of the 1972 election and the launches of Apollo 11,12 and 13 at Cape Canaveral. During this time, he was also taking on public relations tasks. The sports department caught wind of Farley’s accomplishments and decided to have him start reporting for them as well. This led to significant travel and the chance to attend events like the Daytona 500, major golf tournaments and the 1984 Summer Olympics. After getting a taste of life in the fast lane, Farley later moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. He was able to work on shows like “Barney Miller,” “The Red Fox Show” and specials. Deciding that he had a knack for public relations, he started his own PR firm with a partner in 1981. Little did he know what was next in store. The Ballad of Bill Farley 1944-2023 BY CARI LAWSON our town