Mount Pleasant Magazine May/June 2022

116 www. VOICE for rea l es tate. com | www. TopTenHomesSo ld. com | www.Nor thMountPl easant . com “The familiarity with Nexton has been steadily increasing over the years, especially after opening Halls Chophouse and other world-class restaurants and businesses. But being featured on HGTV definitely put it over the top,” added Cassie Cataline, Nexton’s director of marketing. Throughout the process of creating homes to feature on “Rock the Block,” many people worked diligently to cover all the bases, including Hunter Quinn’s Marketing Manager Krista Mott. Mott said she was on site during the building process, creating content that would garner visibility for the company. And it paid off – the YouTube channel earned droves of new viewers for the firm. “At Hunter Quinn, we pride ourselves on being different in our approach to whatever opportunity comes our way and ‘Rock the Block’ was no exception. It was important to my marketing team that we find a creative way to get local viewers excited about something so big happening right in their backyard. Being onsite, interacting with talent, capturing unique behind-thescenes footage and packaging it all into a video mini-series has granted locals a unique look into the making of ‘Rock the Block’ from the builder’s perspective. The strategy worked and the first video got over 24,000 views on our YouTube channel,” she noted. Nowicki was impressed how both “Rock the Block’s” production team and Hunter Quinn Homes were able to complete everything on time for the show. “Having Hollywood meet a local South Carolina builder to create a television show on a very fast-paced schedule was unique, but I was very impressed on how both teams meshed and came together as one to accomplish an incredible show,” he said. “Overall, we felt Hunter Quinn Homes was best suited for a variety of reasons, including their creative leadership team, their great craftsmanship and their attention to detail,” added Wendi Fontes. “We definitely made the right choice as they excelled in every way and created a memorable experience for our teams.” More exciting news has since surfaced — Hunter Quinn Homes is offering the same floor plans used for “Rock the Block” to buyers in other communities, including communities in Mount Pleasant. The floor plans have been available since April 9. Of course, don’t expect your own building process to go quite as seamlessly as what is shown on the show. Whether you’re building a new home or doing some renovations to an existing home, it all takes a lot of planning, and much of the planning and prep work for “Rock the Block” happened long before the show graced TV screens. Furthermore, while TV makes a DIY renovation look like no big deal, it’s always best to enlist the help of a contractor. “The design teams make it look so easy to knock dwellings Evan Thomas and Ke i th Bynum. I nc red ibl e bath by Ke i th and Evan . Dave and Jenny Mar r s . Gourmet k i tchen by Dave and Jenny.