Mount Pleasant Magazine May/June 2022

55 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com new family home and explains how rewarding it has been to watch them learn from one another. “They are both determined individuals with the common goal — to create a home environment that reflects their style and provides appropriate and comfortable spaces that can grow with their family,” Carla said. David, thanks to close to 40 years of experience in designing homes, has a style of his own but has never let his personal tastes interfere with those of his clients. With his daughter as his client, the approach was no different. “I would call Betsy’s home ‘urban farmhouse’ style, while I am more contemporary,” he explained. To Betsy, the meticulous process of creating a new home from the ground up has challenged her patience, but to David and Carla, who are veterans in the field of architecture, the hurdles, bumps, setbacks and successes are all a part of the journey. “Building a new home is a process that involves a lot of details — tons of details— time, materials and thinking through how you function as a family,” Carla said. “Betsy has been very patiently progressing through the smaller goals to achieve this goal of her new dream home in her dream location.” While Betsy is excited to see her and her father’s vision completed, it’s the bigger story behind the home design she finds to be most rewarding. “The design experience has become more than just a process, and the home is more than just a house. For us, it is a way for my dad’s legacy to live on and for our creative partnership to transition into memories for our family.” In the true spirit of parenthood, David’s design of the Quirin family dream home is not what he finds himself reflecting on as he closes out this final chapter of his professional life. “It’s a design that I’m proud of,” he remarked, “but not as proud as I am of Betsy and her family.” 1072 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Mount Pleasant (beside Post Office) ASE Certified Mechanics VW • Audi • Volvo • Toyota • Lexus • Honda • Acura • Nissan • Infiniti 40 2020 ® WWW. BESTOFMP.COM travel with confidence