Mount Pleasant Magazine Nov/Dec 2023

11 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com Confession: I love being part of the team that publishes Mount Pleasant Magazine. In the process, there are always a few articles that rise to the top for me—articles that are close to my heart. Something about them just brings them closer to me — something special in their words, topics and photos. Through the magazine’s partnership with WCIV News 4 and Lowcountry Live, Mount Pleasant Pet sponsored Pet Day on Friday, September 9. It was an hour that focused on our fourlegged family members. Writer and photographer Chesley Lanford was able to capture everything in his editorial and photos about Pet Day. This was one of “those” stories for me, and it begins on page 41. Mount Pleasant Magazine has always worked to support our local nonprofit organizations, and these stories are also among my favorites of this issue, also known as our “giving back” issue. We have several articles that focus on philanthropy, like “Five Ways You Can Give Back” on page 63, penned by Heather Artushin. Every time we publish our holiday issue, we meet some really special people, like the motorcyclists we interviewed in “Riding for a Cause,” page 67. Writer Colin McCandless did a great job wordsmithing, and Mark Staff came up with some amazing images to bring this incredible piece to life. Before Mount Pleasant Magazine, there was East Cooper Magazine, which started in 1983. The article mentioned above was inspired by an East Cooper Magazine cover we published over three decades ago, in 1990. We featured three local icons on the cover: Gene Reid, Ron Rabron and Tommy Boals. We want to thank Tommy—who left us this past year— for the inspiration to publish this article. You can read a tribute to Tommy alongside this article. Before I leave you, I want to say a few words about our town and local businesses. Mount Pleasant Magazine is published for the sole purpose of telling the stories of those living east of the Cooper. We always accent the positive aspects of the town we call home and so deeply care about. The businesses within our digital and print pages are part of our local landscape. They are the reasons we can bring you our print and digital magazine. I cannot tell you the number of times a reader has come up to me and said, “Bill, I don’t know how you can bring such a quality magazine to our town for free.” The answer? It’s local business. Y’all, please support all of our East Cooper businesses, but, if you don’t mind, offer a special thank you to businesses that support your community magazine. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays! Until next time, Bill Macchio Publisher • publisher’s note Vol. 12, Issue 6 • November/December 2022 PUBLISHER/EDITORIAL DIRECTOR BILL MACCHIO MANAGING EDITOR LORNA HOLLIFIELD COPY EDITORS DENISE K. JAMES COLIN MCCANDLESS ART DIRECTOR DANA COLEMAN PRODUCTION MANAGER BETHANY LONG AD DESIGNERS KIM HALL REBECCA SOTTILE BETHANY LONG TECHNOLOGY GEORGE CONKLIN BRIAN SMITH GENE PHAN WRITERS ISABEL ALVAREZ ARATA • DENISE K. JAMES BARBARA SKIDMORE • LEAH RHYNE SHERRY WHITING • COLIN MCCANDLESS MARY COY • CHESLEY LANFORD STACY E. DOMINGO • HEATHER ARTUSHIN BILL FARLEY • LC LEACH III • GINGER SOTTILE PHOTOGRAPHERS MARK STAFF BRAND AMBASSADOR STACEY MCLOUGHLIN STACEY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM INDEPENDENT MEDIA CONSULTANTS ANDY BIMONTE ANDY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM KATIE FINCH KATIE@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM KIM MARTIER KIM@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM ADMINISTRATION & BOOKKEEPING GINGER SOTTILE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS CHESLEY LANFORD ANTHONY MACCHIO DISTRIBUTION U.S. POST OFFICE • HARRIS TEETER • PUBLIX • CVS Mount Pleasant Magazine is published locally by a team of independent contractors. Mount Pleasant Magazine is published six times per year by Media Services, Inc. 1013 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Copyright © Media Services 2022. All rights reserved. Reproduction electronically or in print format without the expressed written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited and a violation of U.S. copyright laws. Inquiries to: Mount Pleasant Magazine P.O. Box 22617, Charleston, SC 29413 843-881-1481