Mount Pleasant Magazine Nov/Dec 2022

61 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com Melvin wasn’t sure she’d end up as the chief executive officer of a port. However, her predecessor, Jim Newsome, believed deeply that she was up next and bestowed greatness upon her. Melvin said, “His faith in me gave me greater faith in myself.” Once she realized her destiny, she stepped up to the plate even more. Before her official coronation, Melvin led the port in 15 consecutive months of record-breaking cargo volume. Reaching the top only made her fight harder. Now she sees her ultimate goal as preparing the port for an even stronger future once the sun has set on her time. She makes efforts to build coalitions and collaborations, to correct pitfalls (that she admits having a gift for foreseeing) and to prepare the port for smooth transitions into the future. She wants to make sure those wheels that turn for thousands of people every day keep turning. Her life’s goal is success for not just one, certainly not just herself, but for all. “Whoever said there’s a work/life balance was lying. It’s a lot. But I do have a great group of women where I can relax and be myself,” she shared. “I exercise in the morning, and I spend weekends in the Keys when I can. Years from now, I’ll be there all the time. But one of the best gifts you can give someone is a great job. I want to make sure that continues on. That’s my big dream for the future.” The Ports Authority of South Carolina is in great hands — hands that will possibly create even more opportunities for tomorrow than they do for today. Because of that, the future for thousands of South Carolinians continues to shine brightly with promise for job stability, economic growth and access to commodities. That sounds a lot like hope…for everyone. feature Mt. Pleasant (17N) 843.388.4302 | Summerville 843.875.7090 | s o l s o u t hwe s t k i t c h e n . c om | SOL Southwest Kitchen For full service catering on-site at SOL or at your venue, SOL Catering will work with you on a menu perfect for your event. From Holiday festivities and private functions to wedding receptions and corporate parties, you’ll love our multi-station buffets, carving stations and passed hors d’eouvres. DONNA FARHAT | CATERING MANAGER | 843.730.3289 | DONNA@SOLSOUTHWESTKITCHEN.COM SOL MAKES THE SEASON BRIGHT! CATERING we bring the merry!