Mount Pleasant Magazine Nov/Dec 2023

136 | | our neighbors We’re spending a little time with some of our neighbors to help you get to know them better. Get to know us better by liking us on Facebook at If you want to appear in East Cooper Neighbors or suggest someone you find interesting, please email the name and contact information (email and/or phone number) to FIFTH THIRD BANK Eric Lindsey If you’re thinking about getting a loan or securing financial help to manage your home and business costs, come see Eric Lindsey at the brand-new Fifth Third Bank on Coleman Boulevard. With the location’s grand opening set for Nov. 30, Lindsey would love to welcome you as a new client, especially if you operate or are considering opening a small business. “I oversee the operations and growth of the Coleman Boulevard office, and have a passion for small business lending,” said Lindsey, originally from Marietta, Georgia, and a resident of Mount Pleasant since 2012. “I enjoy connecting with small business owners and sharing ways to help them grow.” “In addition to small-business lending, I get satisfaction from mentoring and coaching new bankers,” Lindsey said. “Identifying what career paths their talents most align with and developing their strengths are key focuses.” KOOKOOMONKEY Robin Ciccia From the moment you set foot in Kookoomonkey near the intersection of Highway 17 and Highway 41, you know you’re in for a treat. And owner Robin Ciccia is always ready to explain how her clothing and accessories business got such an eye-catching name. “It was a nickname I gave my second daughter shortly after she was born,” said Ciccia, originally a teacher from Rockland County, New York. “I opened the store here in July 2022.” “I started the business in 2007 in my basement, in a town where I grew up and where everyone knew me and came to me for gifts,” Ciccia said. “Now I’m rebuilding in a new place because I love meeting new people and designing and bringing their ideas to fruition. You pick out your garment or accessory, you choose your design and in as little as one day, you can pick it up.” LONGBOARD DENTAL Ellen Paulsick If you’ve ever been a little afraid or apprehensive of seeing the dentist for any reason, Dr. Ellen Paulsick of Longboard Dental in North Mount Pleasant might change your whole attitude and approach to oral care. “I love watching entire families grow and evolve,” said Dr. Paulsick, a member of the Carolina Park community who just opened Longboard Dental in July. “It’s so exciting to see that my friends now have children of their own and having them trust me with their children’s and entire family’s care means so much to me.” And while many people still tend to see the annual visit as an irksome necessity, Dr. Paulsick said she uses each of them to “earn trust and develop a lifelong relationship with each patient” – which is especially vital should they need her at some point to handle critical matters such as toothaches, abscesses, bridgework or implants. “I believe in looking at the person behind the smile,” she said. “And along with good dental care, that’s my bottom line.” Our East Cooper Neighbors