Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept/Oct 2022

52 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com for what is right.” Like his opponent, Roberts asserted that the Lowcountry contributes way more than it receives in the state’s annual budget, and, in return, should demand to see improvements to its roads and bridges. But unlike his opponent, Roberts supports a woman’s constitutional right to choose. He is also proud to have received recognition as a “Candidate of Distinction” by Moms Demand Gun Sense. If elected, he hopes to tackle the local problems of traffic and flooding. He is also can advocate of the protection of the coastal environment, including a ban on offshore drilling. Roberts added, “I am not in the real estate business and do not support the reckless overgrowth of our community that my opponent profits from. No special interests will have my ear.” The District 110 race is considered one of the state’s most competitive and will ultimately be won by one of these two men. However, the newly created District 80 will be represented by a woman. Former Mount Pleasant Town Council member Kathy Landing hopes to be that person. Landing was chair of the town’s economic development committee. She had the same role in several others, including the finance, transportation, public services and bids and purchases committees. In the past, she has served on boards of both the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau. In Columbia, she wants to tackle District 80’s residential growth, infrastructure and job creation. While on town council, Landing steered a plan to attract businesses to vacated spaces, as well as advocated for a pay raise for town employees. She touted her decades of experience in finance as an attribute. “At the state level, a lot of money is sitting there. I’m excited to get my teeth in there, to dig into the books and see what’s going on.” she said. Landing is a self-described “strong pro-life conservative,” and asserted that the state house is “a way we can push back against federal overreach.” The candidate added that “one of the most devastating feature Kathy Land i ng. 642 Coleman Boulevard • Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 843.856.9277 The Uptown Collection 100%SolidWood100%GreenguardGoldCertified