Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

103 | | Sewee Dental Care, one of Mount Pleasant’s premier practices, is not just for keeping your teeth in great shape. The name alone is enough to spark conversation. “Sewee was once a Native American tribe of the Awendaw wilderness and we wanted our name to reflect this history and culture,” said Dr. Ivy White, partner in the business with her dad Dr. Eddie White. “And when we opened in 1998 on the edge of this wilderness, many people thought it was too far out to go for dental care.” But in the spirit of the movie “Field of Dreams,” Eddie thought it perfect – and patients have been coming ever since. And why not? In addition to comprehensive dental care, which includes gum disease prevention, teeth restoration, root canals, 3D digital plate fittings and regular annual cleanings, the entire Sewee Dental team will make your visit as close as a dental visit can come to being fun. “Our aim is to maintain people’s natural smiles for a lifetime,” White said, “and make them feel good about the health of their mouth.” And that’s been the approach since Eddie began practicing in 1986, right out of MUSC Dental School. But if you can’t wait until your next visit, come see Eddie any Wednesday night at the Sewee Outpost for Barn Jam. “It’s an original music showcase,” Eddie said. “And the Barn Jams not only bring people together, they’ve been our most consistent source of new patients for 10plus years.” Rooted in Community Care Sewee Dental For more information, please visit, or call 843-856-8856. BY L. C. LEACH III smiling faces WE LIKE YOUR NATURAL SMILE! 2928 N HWY 17, MT. PLEASANT, SC 29466 (843) 856-8856 • WWW.SEWEEDENTAL.COM “Dr. Eddie White and the Sewee staff are professionally top notch and terrific people to boot. One could not choose a more expert, considerate dentist than Dr. White.” - Bob O, Patient