Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

11 | | Magazines have a special relationship with their readers and the communities they serve. The content of a magazine attracts an audience online and offline who is usually like-minded in several ways. In the case of Mount Pleasant Magazine, whether a native or a new resident, our readers love where they live and want to know as much as they can about Mount Pleasant. I am humbled and very proud that Mount Pleasant Magazine’s print and digital positive voices, including our podcast, www., resonate throughout the communities we serve and beyond. Speaking of beyond, earlier this month the office phone rang and the gentlemen on the other side said his family had moved and wanted to change his subscription address. I got a pen and paper and asked for his new address. When he gave me his address for Fairfield, Connecticut, curious of course, I asked him how long he had been a subscriber. He told me he’d been a subscriber since he started considering moving his family to Mount Pleasant. He went on saying how they love receiving the magazine because it helps them connect with their new town. He said they would be moving soon that’s why they just sold their home and had moved into a rental in Connecticut. Of course, I had a smile on my face, which got bigger as our conversation continued. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. With excitement in my voice I told him that he should watch or listen to our Mount Pleasant Podcast. Seamlessly, he said, “Oh, we do, it’s a great way to know about local businesses and how the town’s government works.” Whatever our life’s purpose and passions are, when they help to make a difference in someone’s life, for me anyway, my heart jumps with joy and a smile pops up on my face. In this cover photo, photographed by our friend Mark Staff, if a family frolicking through a sunflower patch at Boone Hall Farms doesn’t put a smile on your face then nothing will. Read more on Page 14. One more thing, the 2024 Best of Mount Pleasant voting has started at This is a great way to say thank you to your favorite business you frequent. I promise you it will put a smile on the business owner’s face with your vote. Sincerely, Bill Macchio Publisher • publisher’s note Vol. 13, Issue 5 • September/October 2023 PUBLISHER/EDITORIAL DIRECTOR BILL MACCHIO PUBLISHER@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM ASSISTANT TO THE PUBLISHER JENNIFER BURKE MANAGING EDITOR ZACH GIROUX EDITOR@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM COPY EDITOR COLIN MCCANDLESS ART DIRECTOR DANA COLEMAN PRODUCTION MANAGER BETHANY LONG AD DESIGNERS BETHANY LONG KIM HALL REBECCA SOTTILE TECHNOLOGY GEORGE CONKLIN BRIAN SMITH GENE PHAN WRITERS HEATHER ROSE ARTUSHIN • MARY COY MAURICE FRAZIER • BROOKE HUGHES • KATIE JAMES CARI LAWSON • CLARK LEACH SARAH MAKUTA • COLIN MCCANDLESS JULIE HAMILTON SHAW • SHERRY WHITING PHOTOGRAPHER MARK STAFF BRAND AMBASSADOR STACEY MCLOUGHLIN STACEY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM INDEPENDENT MEDIA CONSULTANTS KATIE FINCH KATIE@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM ANDY BIMONTE ANDY@MOUNTPLEASANTMAGAZINE.COM ADMINISTRATION & BOOKKEEPING GINGER SOTTILE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS ANTHONY MACCHIO KAREN LISZEWSKI BOSS DOG REGGIE DISTRIBUTION U.S. POST OFFICE • HARRIS TEETER • PUBLIX • CVS Mount Pleasant Magazine is published locally by a team of independent contractors. Mount Pleasant Magazine is published six times per year by Media Services, Inc. 1013 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Copyright © Media Services 2023. All rights reserved. Reproduction electronically or in print format without the expressed written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited and a violation of U.S. copyright laws. Inquiries to: Mount Pleasant Magazine P.O. Box 22617, Charleston, SC 29413 843-881-1481 Meet Boss Dog Reggie hanging out at the office.