Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

14 | | about the cover When we first came up with the vision for this cover, my photographer Mark Staff and I had conflicting ideas. I thought it should be more of a family portrait and Mark thought it should be an action shot. We compromised and found common ground in the middle of a sunflower patch at Boone Hall Farms. Why there, you may ask? Because it’s a local landmark and the quintessential spot where the changing of the seasons is most apparent to onlookers year-round. The focal point isn’t the radiant sunflowers in full bloom or the gorgeous family frolicking through the sun-kissed field. It’s about the intrinsic beauty of a fall day with loved ones. When you look at this photo we want you to see the utter joy that life’s little wonders bring us. The notion of a perfect day. A lot of sweat equity went into this photo shoot. The photo doesn’t show how hot and humid it was, but it was well worth it, especially seeing the smiles on the faces of the little ones and hearing the sound of children’s laughter. Also, the buzzing of bumblebees pollinating on the sunflowers was blissful. This photo would not have been made possible without nature’s creation, the photogenic and patient Anderson family (Brian, Kelly, Annabelle, Aiden and McKenna), apparel from Shrimp & Grits Kids and Two Cumberland and the gracious staff at Boone Hall who provided us access to the property after hours of business and an endless supply of water to stay hydrated. We hope this photo screams “It’s fall, y’all!” SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2023 THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES AT MOUNTPLEASANTPODCAST.COM FALL EDITION • SMILING FACES • CALENDAR OF EVENTS All Things Autumn Changing of the Seasons Friday Night Lights Local Football Lore Willie’s Roadside Market Cultivating a Legacy Get Outdoors Guide to Hiking & Camping Photos by Mark Staff Photographer. ® VOTE NOW! Vote for Your FAVORITE Local Businesses, Places and People. SCAN HERE!