Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

29 | | Hart, a former quarterback, wide receiver and member of the special teams unit for the Gamecocks. “White towels. Sandstorm. It gives me chills just thinking about it. Carolina fans make the atmosphere and tradition around Carolina football so special and I am so grateful for all the support during my time there. I am proud to be an alumni and lifelong fan.” The most interesting part about this rivalry is how serious it can get, even causing a house to become divided. Cynthia Hart is an alumnus from Clemson, but all three of her sons went to Carolina. “None of my sons went to Clemson, which hurt; my husband is from southern Carolina. He has never seen true college football until I brought him to Clemson. We were a Clemson household. The house was okay until my youngest son went to Carolina and played on the team. They turned on me!” quipped Cynthia as she laughed reminiscing about those college years. “My daughter, Hannah, is a rising senior at Clemson and my other daughter is a rising junior at Carolina. We love both schools, so it’s hard to choose who to root for, but we loved what (USC coach) Shane Beamer is bringing to the table. My husband and I both went to liberal arts schools out of the state, so this rivalry is quite fun!” The funny thing is, Hart will and does pull for Carolina, but neither her sons nor her husband will pull for Clemson. “Some of my Clemson friends who wanted to support me would just wear neutral colors,” Bailey recalled of his experience with the in-state battle. “My mom would post pictures on Facebook in Gamecock colors and the Clemson fan comments were highly entertaining to read.” THE ORRS Hila Orr explained being in similar circumstances, “You better have two TVs playing both games, especially if they come on at the same time. Don’t plan a wedding or any special events on game day,” Orr added. “It was very difficult wearing garnet and black during the four seasons my son was at Carolina. During that time frame, I would go to Clemson games in ‘Carolina gear,’ which I never thought I would wear in my lifetime. I would get yelled at by my Clemson friends, but I’m pointing to my college ring!” This year, Carolina and Clemson will meet for the 120th time. Clemson has a commanding lead of the Palmetto Bowl series with an all-time record of 72 wins against Carolina’s 43 wins. The schools have tied four times in the 119 games they’ve squared off. Houses will still be divided, bets will be made, arguments will happen, but all in all, college football is back and that’s something we can all agree on. our town Hart family photo. Hannah, Alex and Gracie Orr. Cynthia Hart and husband. Bailey Hart with his parents.