Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

33 | | BY ZACH GIROUX FARM-TO-MARKET Boone Hall Farms Cultivates Willie’s Roadside Market “If you build it, they will come.” Boone Hall Farms has been growing its own “Field of Dreams” for decades and they’ve certainly reaped what they’ve sown. Supply and demand has always been there, but now there’s a market for it, literally. Surrounded by 150 acres of farmland, beside the busy thoroughfare that is Highway 17, stands an open-aired, timber-framed structure. This rustic, farm-style building is Willie’s Roadside Market. After many harvest moons of discussion, on July 8, Boone Hall unveiled the market to the public. Thanks to Coastal Structures, Building Art, LLC and Reggie Gibson Architects, one man’s vision is now a reality. The opening day crowd. Photos provided by Boone Hall Farms.