Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

35 | | that he planted without McRae’s permission. From the looks of the social media craze, it proved to be a savvy marketing decision. When Boone Hall isn’t growing a particular crop, they cultivate what are called “cover crops” to help bring back nutrients from the soil and minimize the use of fertilizers. No acre is taken for granted. When asked how many daily visitors come to the market, Hernandez laughed and replied “too many to count.” He said the most rewarding part of the job is watching them leave with a smile. “It’s a true farmers market in the middle of Mount Pleasant,” Hernandez said. “Not every city is as lucky as we are to have that.” Boone Hall Plantation General Manager Jim Westerhold said they get a lot of comments from the community saying, “Willie would be proud.” Westerhold, a former professor at Horry-Georgetown Technical College, was McRae’s personal choice to be his successor. On the property, not visible from the market, is a live oak planted in memory of McRae. The spot marks where he used to sit and watch outdoor concerts. Now, he’s watching his legacy live on from a greener pasture. our town Willie McRae and Erik Hernandez in front of tractor. Erik Hernandez and Jim Westerhold on opening day.