Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

45 | | BY HEATHER ROSE ARTUSHIN Julianne Taylor is a Charleston style icon, empowering women to express themselves fearlessly without rules. Through her popular social media platform, where her followers lovingly call her “JuJu,” Taylor emphasizes that there’s no such thing as too colorful, too bold or too extra. She has called Mount Pleasant home for nine years now, loving her beautiful residence in the Scotts Creek neighborhood. In 2021, Taylor had an important intuition. “I had a quiet whisper that told me, ‘You need to take better care of yourself and get your physicals scheduled.’ I had not had a physical for four years,” Taylor recalled. “With busy mom life and running my businesses I had placed my health at the back of the priority list.” The routine mammogram that followed revealed something Taylor never would have expected — she had breast cancer. “I was immediately scheduled for a biopsy, and it confirmed DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). I was scared,” Taylor reflected. “You hear the word ‘cancer’ and you first think that your life is over. But my doctor assured me that it was very common and treatable.” While breast cancer occurs slightly more often than the national average in South Carolina, advancements in breast cancer screening and treatment offer hope with excellent survival rates when our town Healing by Design Beating Breast Cancer In Style Charleston style icon Julianne Taylor shares her personal journey through breast cancer. Photo provided by Julianne Taylor.