Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

47 | | These include: • Staying physically active • Eating whole, healthy foods • Reducing alcohol consumption • Not smoking • Breastfeeding • Getting seven hours of sleep each night • Scheduling annual screenings In May 2022, Taylor rang the bell to celebrate the end of her radiation treatments. Though she still feels tired at times, she’s grateful to be on track with normal mammograms and check-ups. “I’m proud to be a breast cancer survivor, but honestly, it’s not a label that I lead with in conversations,” stated Taylor. “I’m so many more things than that. I even joked with family and friends when I first got diagnosed not to send me any of that ‘pink’ stuff. I do love pink, but I felt so strongly about not labeling myself with the breast cancer logo. For me, my mindset was this is just a blip in my story, but it’s not the story. I think you have to figure out what works best to support your mental health in the right way. If the pink logo empowers you during your journey, wear it with pride, lady!” Taylor truly beat breast cancer in style and encourages all women to embrace their unique style without holding back. “A cancer diagnosis gives you lots of perspective on the opinions of others,” Taylor mused. “You can very quickly get to a place of not caring about what other people think. Life is truly too short. I love expressing myself in a fun and colorful way, as I believe that clothing carries energy with it.” Visit Taylor’s website at to learn more about her work. Follow her on social media at @juliannetaylorstyle. Visit for more information on breast cancer screening at MUSC. our town Local breast cancer survivor Julianne Taylor loves expressing herself in fun and colorful ways. Photo provided by Julianne Taylor. Be an Integral Part of an Established Brand. We are growing the Ad Sales team. FLEXIBLE HOURS! This is a perfect FT or PT position for Moms! For more information or to send your resume please email Stacey McLoughlin Brand Ambassador Katie Finch Media Consultant