Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

58 | | But some had realized in advance what was in store. Hugo had shown its might a week earlier when it hit several Caribbean islands on its journey to our coast. Local authorities pleaded with Lowcountry residents to evacuate or seek higher ground. And to residents who had weathered hurricanes in the past, they emphasized that this was no ordinary visitor. Charleston’s former mayor Joe Riley had warned, “We are staring this killer hurricane right in the eye.” While it’s true that lesser hurricanes have hit or swiped our area in the 34 years since it made landfall here, anyone who lived through Hugo and its aftermath won’t ever take any hurricane warning for granted. Owens has evacuated every time since then whenever authorities urge doing so and added, “Every single person I’ve talked to who stayed during Hugo has said, ‘Never again!’” Pat O’Neil, mayor of Sullivan’s Island, has reminded residents that it’s not a matter of if, but rather of when, as far as the occurrence of a hurricane. Residents and property owners there must now obtain a special hangour town COASTAL COVERAGE SPECIALISTS 843.881-4707 Hurricane Season is Upon Us... Are You Covered? BE PREPARED! MAKE TIME TO EVALUATE: • Replacement Cost Coverage • Wind & Hail Coverage • Flood Coverage • Rental Property Coverage • Personal Property Coverage