Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept-Oct 2023

74 | | In South Carolina, we embrace a cherished rivalry that has shaped the state’s identity for well over a century. The South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers battle goes beyond the gridiron, spilling over into the lively tailgate scenes that precede each game. With football season here, college football enthusiasts have dusted off their tents and grills. Imagine it’s a Saturday in South Carolina and the Gamecock faithful make their way to Williams-Brice Stadium for a lively day of tailgating. The air is filled with team spirit as fans gather, creating a sea of garnet and black. Tailgating hotspots like Gamecock Park, Cockaboose Railroad or nearby parking lots offer diverse tailgate settings. Each setup is unique to the host, but the common thread that binds every tailgate together is the importance of the food. There is a myriad of food offered at each tailgate that includes grilled meats, fried chicken, chips and dip, beer and plenty of desserts to satiate the hungriest of fans. Mount Pleasant local Virginia Girardeau Smith gives insight into her family’s tailgate on days like these. With a lineage deeply intertwined with Carolina football, her father and grandfather having graced the team’s roster and her Savoring the Rivalry BY BROOKE HUGHES The Perfect Tailgate: USC vs. Clemson