Mount Pleasant Magazine Jan/Feb 2022

83 2022 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM www. Bes tOfMP. com | www. Bes tOfMP. Vi deo | www. Bes tOfMPpodcas t . com BEST MASSA GE THER APIST Who do y ou tur n t o when lif e bec omes a pain in the neck? Not your boss or spouse — they might make it worse! Instead, call Valeri e DeMasi at BodyWork s Inc. and book tha t well- deser ved massage . Our r eaders sa y her healing t ouch will melt a way str ess so y ou can get back t o business . Other Nominees: Lindsa y S chmitt a t Cor rec tive Chir opr ac tic / B ob Hamilt on / Wendy Elg i / Suzie Bennett -Felts BEST M ASSA GE BUSINESS Ther e’s a special plac e in the hear t of M oun t P leasan t wher e wor ries will fade and you ’ll f eel r elax ed and c omplet ely at peac e. The Woodhouse Da y Spa, voted B est Massage Business by our ultr a-z en r eaders , is an escape r igh t in the midst of daily lif e. Other Nominees: Massage En vy / L ongevyitWellness BEST MORT GAGE C OMP ANY Yup . Mor tgage Network I nc . is one br anch of a big c ompan y. But tha t just means you ’ll ha ve ev en mor e r esour ces behind the exper ienc ed local exper ts who will help y ou na viga te the mor tgage mar ket r igh t her e in the L owcoun try. Other Nominees: Fair way I ndependen t Mor tgage Compan y / Dir ec t Mor tgage L oans BEST MO VING C OMP ANY Downsizing? Upsizing? M oving t o another sta te? Wha tever y our needs ar e, Mako M overs has the str ength t o car ry you thorugh. Voted B est M oving Compan y b y our on-the -go r eaders , you ’ll nev er br eak a dish or dr op a c ouch on y our f oot again. Other Nominees: Timm y Ha yes M oving / Two M en and a Truck Movers BEST NAIL SALON Are your nails looking a bit more like claws these days? Take hose talons to Amazing Nails Spa, and let the gifted technicians get your fingers and toes looking fabulous again. According to our well-handed readers, when it comes to nail salons, they’ve pretty much, well, nailed it. Other Nominees: 843 Nails / Pink Polish Nails Lounge BEST NONPROFIT We take giving back seriously on this side of the river, and East Cooper Community Outreach, according to our charitable readers, is at the head of the curve yet again for giving locals the chance to open their hearts. Other Nominees: Going Places / WakeUp Carolina BEST PEST CONTROL COMPANY Titan Termite and Pest Control was chosen by our readers as the best exterminator. That includes tackling not only termites but fleas, bedbug infestations and even ants. As for things that “bug” you that aren’t of the pest variety, we aren’t so sure. Other Nominees: Palmetto Exterminators / Terminix BEST PLACE FOR SWIM LESSONS If you live in the Lowcountry, your kids need to know how to swim. Our readers voted Brighton Swim Academy / KIDS FIRST Swim School as Best Place for Swim Lessons, so sign those little tadpoles up and watch them conquer the backstroke. Other Nominees: Park West Mount Pleasant Recreation Department / I’On Club