Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2023

122 www. TopTenHomesSo l d. com | www. Bes tofMP. com | www. VOICE for rea l es tate. com 2023 WWW. BESTOFMP.COM Better together “Best Of” Fridays highlight Mount Pleasant leaders Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was our beautiful town. It takes a community willing to work together to stay together, to keep intact the bonds that have been delicately formed. Just as Rome’s leaders, thinkers and doers came together, so have the most influential people of our town. Mount Pleasant Magazine and WCIV ABC News 4’s “Lowcountry Live” hosted a veritable who’s who in January, featuring Mount Pleasant Police Department Sergeant Ashley Croy, Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie and multiple Best Of winners. These Best Of guests included representatives from Rad Rydz, LoLA and Haven’s Furniture, the last of which supplied the furniture for the Best Of issue cover photo. That cover seems to have become famous in a matter of weeks, because the shoot itself represents the spirit of Mount Pleasant and what has culminated in businesses and personalities being named “best.” The hot topic on “Lowcountry Live” centered not only around Mount Pleasant’s Best Of winners, but the cover shoot that happened in front of the iconic Mount Pleasant sign. It took more than just snapping a quick picture to achieve the image. It involved the efforts of an entire community including backing from Town officials to obtain permission, the mayor calling in maintenance to make sure the sign looked clean and presentable for the shoot and police support to keep everyone safe and to direct traffic. Even during the shoot there were examples of a community of people at work. The glare from the sun required taking the picture from a higher angle, and just like organizing the shoot meant climbing the ladder of command, photographer Mark Staff had to borrow an actual ladder from Haven’s Furniture, who also provided the decor for the photo backdrop. Teamwork got the businesses on the cover, and teamwork made the cover possible. It took collaboration, all for the good of everything Mount Pleasant is. Addressing the impact of what getting a picture of a freshly cleaned and manicured sign ultimately means for the town, Mayor Haynie relayed on the program, “When people move here, they love what Mount Pleasant is. The challenge is to accommodate the people that move here, but not lose what it is that brings people here in the first place.” It’s this mindset that is key in helping the town strive for more while remaining home. Mount Pleasant spiffs up — in true Southern fashion — for the newcomers but holds as steadfast as that stone sign. That’s what the sign is about. That’s what the town is about. That’s really what being one of the “best” is about. Every guest that followed the mayor cited a common thread — that our town, the people—are their success. This isn’t a story about how a couple of people made a few phone calls to get a sign cleaned. This is a story about people working together to achieve a common goal. Though the reasons may vary, the truth is this: we love our town, and we love it when others love our town. That’s why we took to the airwaves to showcase some of our best. We’re proud. BY CHESLEY LANFORD From l e f t to r i ght : Sergeant Ash l ey Croy, Vi lmar i e Bennet t (Haven’s Furn i ture ) , Mar k Sta f f (photographer ) , Je f f Fi l osa ( LoLA) , Andrea Lear y (Rad Rydz ) , Chad Shores (Rad Rydz ) . From l e f t to r i ght : Mount Pl easant Mayor Wi l l Hayn i e, B i l l Macch i o (publ i sher ) , Er i n K i enz l e (hos t of Lowcount r y L i ve ) .