Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2023

57 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com feature noticed by the dates on the photos that the pictures were to honor fallen pups, the good boys and girls that had made way over the rainbow bridge. However, I did not know the reason for it. Once seated, we placed our orders and snacked on the complimentary hush puppies — no exaggeration, the best hush puppies I have ever tasted — then I got a chance to ask the waitress about the name and the memorials. She knew some of the story, but not all. So, she went to the kitchen and got the scoop from the owner’s brother. I popped my fourth crispy, golden, strangely oblong hush puppy in my mouth. “So, here’s the real story,” server Jen Morris began excitedly. “The original owner had a dog who always played dead. People really thought he was. So, the owner named the restaurant after him, but he wasn’t even the first dog on the wall. That was a customer’s dog. He brought the picture in when his beloved dog passed and asked if he could put it up. Since then, tons of people have been doing it. We still have that first picture up. There was a fire, and only six original pictures survived. That was one of them.” I looked around at the hundreds of photos while she spoke and then vowed to bring back pictures of my own dogs that’ve earned their wings. Before I could wax too sentimental my shrimp tacos arrived, filling my senses with flavors of chipotle, lime and the sea. My husband enjoyed a delicious fresh salad, and my daughter “went ham” on her mac n’ cheese while oohing and ahhing over all the furry friends. We had a great experience and can’t wait to return with pictures of our own in tow. LITCHFIELD BOOKS I’m a novelist and magazine editor. There was no way I was leaving the Hammock Coast without finding the perfect small-town bookstore. SCANAND ACCESSCOASTAL CAROLINAINFO To include your QR Code or for a custom QR Code please email or call 843-530-0403 Read Hammock Coast Edition of Mount Pleasant Magazine Access Charleston Real Estate Agents Visit Mount Pleasant’s Main Street Latest Info About Local Short Term Rental