Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2023

65 www. TopTenHomesSo ld. com | www. ChsAgent s . com | www. VOICE for rea l es tate. com Welcome to our humble abodes. You are about to access a wealth of information about our coastal towns, homes and real estate markets. It’s truly a privilege for us to provide this information to you because we know you will not find the information in our Dwellings section anywhere else. We say this because we are proud of the results of our curating efforts. Part of those efforts include our 2022 Top Ten Homes Sold articles, which highlight various neighborhoods and towns along the Carolina coast. You can even Coastal Dwellings dig into our archives on this — as far back as 2017 at We are also pleased to introduce our readers to our featured craftsmen — a group of artisans who truly love their work in interior design, landscaping or building. Dwellings is not only a section full of fun reads, but a resource for buying, beautifying and protecting your home. Beyond the magazine, check out our real estate podcast, and listen or watch to find more ideas for your Lowcountry home. dwellings