Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2023

77 www. TopTenHomesSo ld. com | www. ChsAgent s . com | www. VOICE for rea l es tate. com dwellings explained. Once ideas and aesthetics have been adequately funneled, the style of the home will also play a part in the conversation. Sullivan added, “We are not putting bright high gloss tubular furniture from the 1980s in a Charleston single, because it just won’t work.” She encourages DIY designers to “keep the vernacular of their home’s architecture in mind” as they’re considering their options. When designing a space to reflect one’s style, it’s essential to consider hobbies and activities. Balderson makes it a point to ask her clients what their family does in the room, taking children and animals into account. Chapman echoes the sentiment and emphasizes that people can’t be too married to aesthetics alone. The process evolves from there. Comfort and usability must be an equal part of the equation. As part of the process, most designers ask their clients about existing pieces that will remain in the new design. They will work around sentimental pieces or items of historical value because they recognize that family heirlooms, travel artifacts and items acquired throughout one’s life can play a significant role in expressing one’s style and personality. Because people have different collections, Sullivan likes to know what items are of utmost importance so that she can work them into the design. By doing so, she feels she is honoring the item and making it theirs. “People should be able to look around their home and see what matters, including the integral pieces that mean something special,” Sullivan relayed. Finally, it’s impossible to discuss design without discussing color. People typically have favorite colors, but they may not work in the space. Colors should be chosen with the lighting of the space and colors in other parts of the home in mind. Whether designing one room at a time or taking on a whole home remodel, the goal should Des i gner Meghan Su l l i van ar rangi ng her f l ora l des i gn .