Mount Pleasant Magazine March/April 2023

81 www. TopTenHomesSo ld. com | www. ChsAgent s . com | www. VOICE for rea l es tate. com dwellings Will the space be used during the day and night? How will changing seasons affect the design? Will shady spots or tree canopies help for shade or encroach on a pool or hardscape? Will mood lighting or heat sources be needed? These are all logical things to ponder for functionality. Comfort and ease of movement around the space is another essential ingredient in creating a delightful yard. Having too much clutter around the yard can make it feel stymied and seem overwhelming. Strategically placing rocks, bricks, spas, pools, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, grass or turf is key; and the options are infinite. That’s why Mount Pleasant Magazine collected the best advice east of the Cooper to lend a helping green thumb. SPAS AND POOLS: One of the biggest ways to make a splash in your yard is by adding a pool or spa — or tidying up an existing one. Aqua Blue Pools and Spas can help turn a yard into a swimmer’s paradise. With a huge selection of designs and sizes, there is no shortage of imagination when it comes to where a pool can be placed and its appearance. Specializing in all types of pools and spas, Aqua Blue Pools and Spas has options for any space including infinity, elevated, plunge, inground, geometric and freeform pools. Paul Straight, Aqua Blue Pools designer, said “First, a homeowner will share their property’s current as-built survey with us. We will study the survey to ensure that it meets municipality code compliance. The next step is scheduling an onsite meeting where the pool designer will collaborate with the homeowner to determine the optimal layout of the project’s overall footprint.” Designer Britt McKenzie added, “Our team will also help determine the best points of access to get pool-building equipment into the backyard. Additionally, our team will assist in determining potential locations for where the pool operating equipment will be set in accordance with building code.” It can be an overwhelming process. That’s why Aqua Blue will help and ask questions to navigate the design and overall vision — to assist clients in determining the ideal pool that fits their wants and needs to enjoy for years to come. Tranqu i l l oungi ng area des i gned by Aqua B l ue. Photo by Ca l l i e Crawford. Grandscapes des i gned pond and put t i ng green .