Mount Pleasant Magazine May/June 2022

34 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com 6-year-old son Beecher’s team. Despite having never played basketball in a formal setting, Christine grew up a Chicago Bulls fan, playing pick-up games with family and friends. However, she admitted she was a bit hesitant to volunteer as coach in these uncharted waters. “When it was finalized that I would be a head coach for basketball, I was excited and full of nerves,” she shared. During moments of doubt, Christine felt inspired by Beecher’s former coach, Keaton Mims, also a working mom of young children. She explained, “For me, it was inspiring to have a female mom head coach, and this really paved the way for me for this current season.” Christine noted that when her husband expressed his own concerns with their combined lack of experience, she reminded him that kids are asked to do new things all the time. She is certain her family will look back on this experience proudly, as one for the memory book. To parents considering coaching, Christine advised, “When in doubt, try it out. You will never regret stepping up for your child or other children.” Another coach passionate about the game of basketball is Sean Kershaw, who leads Rock Nation’s 5th graders. The former player who proudly represented Lower Richland High in uniform before moving on to play at South Carolina State enjoys sharing his deep love for the game with his own son. “Basketball saved my life,” Sean admitted. “Once I started playing, I started thinking about the future. I would hear other guys talk about going onto college, and for the first time, I wanted that. I realized I had options.” He introduced his son to the game that inspired him early on, knowing that it would not only teach his child fundamentals of the game, but lessons in leadership. However, the best part is spending time together and watching his son grow. He added, “Watching my son improve is the neatest part…that and knowing I could be the difference in another kid’s life, too.” People tend to think of coaches like the last few feature Beecher Zambok i Photo by Mar k S ta f f Photography.