Mount Pleasant Magazine Sept/Oct 2022

13 www. ReadMPM. com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com | www.MountPl easantPodcas t . com editor’s note I go kicking and screaming into fall every year, even though I kind of love it. It’s a bittersweet time, because I’m a sundress-loving, beach-bumming, tomato sandwich-eating summer girl. Fall can feel like the beginning of the end, like watching the carnival pack up the rides. Until I remember. I remember that I like the smell of chili in the pot (we have great recipes from our leaders in this issue) and the sound of the crowds roaring for their favorite college and NFL teams. I remember being a cheerleader on Friday-night sidelines when everything was still so excitingly ahead of me. This issue is really cool because it’s about people daring to be great. You’ll find stories about local teenagers who are still dreaming and those from the past who have “made it.” Fall is about things beginning, not ending. It is about going back to school, building toward dreams or about stepping back onto the field. It’s the time to leave the frivolity of summer behind and aspire. It’s the time to suit up. One of the stories you’ll read about the oft-difficult road to success is actually about my husband. I feel like I need to touch on this a little for readers who recognize the connection. One of our writers learned about his unique journey and asked to share it. It is raw, ugly and candid. It’s about him, but it’s an insight into a time in my own life where I had to dig deep and take those moments to better it, despite odds stacked against me. I’m happy to share something so intimate with our readers because we are all meant to connect. We are meant to know each other, relate to each other and inspire each other. That is what this issue has done for me. It has reignited the fire to hustle, even though times are better now. I have been inspired by the kid about to start college, who will likely one day orbit our atmosphere. I have been inspired by the senior citizens still catching waves or starting new businesses in the autumns of their lives. I have been inspired by the high school football players who know they have one more year to play their hearts out. This fall, I am simply on fire because of the people in these pages. So, this note—is really a thank you. -Lorna Hollifield Managing Editor SCAN • CLICK SUBSCRIBE YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2022 Take a Brews Cruise Down “The Long Pint” The SecondAct Senior Citizens Still es M O U N T P L E A S A N T P E T S • M O U N T P L E A S A N T S E N I O R L I V I N G For the Love me